Hairlooms by Michele P. Roseman

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Do you fully love your hair and the way you look? It's easy -- on the surface -- to act like we embrace ourselves when we truly struggle to feel beautiful. After we wipe off the Mac and Fenty, lay our edges, and tighten our weave, we still may feel like our "look" is not enough.

Drawing from more than 20 years as a naturalista, award-winning communicator and author Michele P. Roseman helps readers move from woes to wins as they learn to embrace their natural hair and beauty.

Michele's raw story of self-acceptance is complemented by her personal interviews with Dr. Maya Angelou; Hollywood's Nicole Ari Parker and Kim Coles; MC Lyte and more than 25 contributors who weigh-in on issues related to Black women's hair and beauty.

When you purchase the Hairlooms eBook series, you will learn to:

  • Untangle the emotional and mental knots blocking your ability to embrace your hair and beauty
  • Discover the keys to accepting your own natural beauty
  • Level-up your love for the natural kinks, curls, and beauty God has given you

Each eBook ends with a personal "combing through" review section that allows writing your own hair story in the Hairlooms, fillable eJournal. You will also enhance your moments of self-reflection as you fill the downloadable Hairlooms coloring page with colors of your choice!

"Hairlooms is a movement about the true essence of one's curly hair."
- Huffington Post

"Entertaining and educational, Hair Looms is a wonderful tool for self-correction and self-discovery. The candid hair stories and down-to-earth writing style remind readers that they’re not traveling the road of self-acceptance alone.

- Felicia Leatherwood Celebrity Natural Hair Educator and Expert

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Hairlooms by Michele P. Roseman

0 ratings